Your one-stop solution for countries with customs border in Europe.

Sell from the EU to Switzerland, England and Norway – simple, automated, with just one connection for all countries. We take care of everything you need from fiscal representation to customs clearance to returns.

Here's how it works.

For a smooth process

1. AI data management

2. Collection

3. EU Export

4. Import destination country

5. Delivery

6. Returns

7. Refund

1. AI data management

We make your product data fit for export so that all orders cross the customs border smoothly. We translate customs tariff numbers in seconds with our own AI.

2. Collection

We collect the orders from your own warehouse without any complications. If possible, we consolidate several orders to keep your costs as low as possible.

3. EU Export

While the parcels are still being packed, we already take care of the export customs clearance in the EU. It doesn't matter in which country of the European Union your warehouse is located.

4. Import destination country

When importing, we choose the customs clearance that suits you best (individual customs clearance or collective customs clearance), take care of communication with the customs authorities and provide the documents for a clean import.

5. Delivery

The goods arrive in transit to the third country. You don't lose any time at the border and the parcels are handed over to the last mile carrier directly at the parcel hub and delivered to your customer within 48 hours of the order.

6. Returns

If your customer doesn't like something or it doesn't fit, they can simply send it to a local returns address. We process the return according to your wishes, including qualification or reprocessing.

7. Refund

Based on the import data, we carry out the return customs clearance of your goods and reclaim the duties and taxes paid in your favour. Fully automated, of course.

Advantages with MS Direct.

How you and your customers benefit

One-stop solution for all countries

  • A central partner for all your shipment needs, from pick-up to delivery, right through to returns.
  • Quick and straightforward: Serve partners and marketplaces across different countries with just a single integration.

Automated customs and tax processes

  • Transparent: Managing growth while keeping an eye on all processes? No problem with our cross-border portal.
  • Customs documents are easy to find and stored in an audit-proof manner.
  • Support in dealing with authorities: We help you through the administrative jungle when entering new markets.

Delivery speed

  • Orders will be delivered to your customers in the destination country within 48 hours of order placement.
  • Delivery by local carriers: Through our network of local carriers, consider the delivery preferences and habits of the local customers.

Cross-border portal

  • Fast go-live: digital onboarding completely paperless and automated.
  • Full transparency over all processes from data transfer to reimbursement request.
  • Comprehensive reporting that facilitates invoice control and assists in managing foreign operations.


  • Automated: We match export data with import data so you can quickly get back your fees paid for returned items.
  • Local returns: If an item is not liked, the customer can return it to a local address and quickly get his money back within 24h.

At a glance

  • Offer your customers abroad the same shopping experience as domestic customers.
  • Relieve your teams and optimize your processes with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Meet all the requirements of international marketplaces.

Over 120 satisfied customers.

Here is a selection

International shipping.

In 48h to the front door of your customer

Smooth cross-border shipping to Switzerland, England and Norway. Our reliable shipping solution allows you to send packages to these countries quickly and safely. With a wide network of partners, local carriers and seamless, automated communication, we take care of all customs formalities and ensure on-time delivery. Our team will be happy to advise you!

Fiscal Representation.

Your reliable representation on site

Fiscal representation is an essential part of international business. It allows you to fulfill your tax obligations in the destination country without having to have your own physical presence there. If required, we can take over the fiscal representation for you, so that you can efficiently cope with complex tax regulations and procedures of the target markets Switzerland, UK and Norway.

VAT Handling.

Seamless for your customer – easy for you

If you’re selling abroad, you have some challenges to overcome, especially if you’re shipping across customs borders. Thus, the applicable regulations for the collection and processing of local VAT must be observed. We will assist you in determining the correct tax rates, submitting the required documents and processing payments properly.

Customs clearance.

Automated, digital solution

We make sure that your shipments can pass customs in Switzerland, the UK or Norway quickly and reliably. With a comprehensive understanding of local customs formalities in these countries and our digital customs clearance solution, we ensure efficient processing without delays in export and import.

Returns Processing.

Fast relief thanks to local addresses

The fast processing of returns is just as important as shipping. In various process steps, we ensure that the goods can be put back into storage and shipped to the next consumer. Whether with or without reconditioning, we take care of the entire process – including customs formalities for return transport. We solve clarification cases quickly and easily with you via our clarification case tool.

Our cross-border solution is made for your store.

If you…

  • … want to grow beyond the borders of the EU with minimal effort.
  • … want to compete with local suppliers.
  • … you do not want your customers abroad to feel any customs border.
  • … you want to save time and money in your crossborder logistics.
  • … are looking for a marketplace-capable solution and want to connect only once.
  • … you ship at least 25 packages per day to the destination country.

Everything in view with the Cross-border Portal.

Control your international activity and stay on top of things at all times. Correct customs relevant article master data? View the status of your orders? Download customs documents for audit? View average customs duties? Customize returns process? Our Cross-border Portal will be your new command center.