Order processing

Order processing.

Smart and sustainable delivery.

With our data-supported order processing, you benefit from efficient handling processes and a resource-saving approach to packaging. Thanks to our carrier network, we take local customs into account and ensure that your parcels can be delivered in the shortest possible time.

This is how it works.

Our data-supported order processing

1. Incoming orerders

2. Picking

3. Packing

4. Dispatch control

5. Delivery transfer

1. Incoming orerders

Thanks to the interface to our system, your orders from your shop or online marketplaces reach us directly and fully automatically in real time.

2. Picking

Thanks to the comprehensive data recording of your items in our system, automatic pick lists are created from the orders based on the distance between the storage locations. This saves us as much walking distance and time as possible.

3. Packing

We automatically determine the right cardboard packaging for each order based on the geodata recorded for your items. This not only saves space, but also filler material. In addition, our packsize system also allows us to customise cardboard packaging to your order on-demand. We can also enclose inserts and brochures with your consignments on request.

4. Dispatch control

We automatically create delivery notes customised to your sales channel and select the shipping service provider based on jointly defined criteria such as costs, shipping method by size and weight and standard or express delivery.

5. Delivery transfer

In the final step, we attach the shipping label to your consignments and hand them over to the shipping service provider. Your consignments are provided with a tracking number so that you can keep track of them at all times.

Advantages with MS Direct.

How you and your customers benefit

Data-supported order processing

  • Automatically generated pick routes for the shortest possible walking distances.
  • Cardboard selection according to product geodata for resource-conserving handling
  • Automatic optimization of your shipments according to predefined criteria


  • Individualized mailings with additional inserts and brochures
  • On-demand packaging for custom-fit packaging with minimal empty space
  • More delivery speed with Same Day Delivery

Digital tools & quality assurance

  • We enclose delivery bills adapted to the sales channel.
  • Benefit from real-time status updates until delivery
  • Profit from our experience. We process around 3.75 million consignments a year.

Over 120 satisfied customers.

Here are just a few

Professional order processing.

Data-driven and efficient

With our data-supported pick & pack processes, you benefit from maximum efficiency in your order processing. With our processes, we also meet the strict SLAs of online marketplaces so that you can easily expand your sales channels.


On-demand packaging.

Individually tailored

With PackSize, we have a fully automated system that optimally tailors cardboard packaging to each individual order. This means that your consignments are sent with even less filling material and empty volume, saving even more resources.

Robots in the warehouse.

Partial automation with AutoStore

In summer 2023, we expanded our storage capacity with an AutoStore. This is a fully automated high-bay warehouse in which 48 robots handle storage and picking. As the system runs day and night, orders can be processed even faster.

Comprehensive carrier network.

Shipping options for all of Europe.

With our shipping partners, your shipments will reach their destination successfully throughout Europe. Whether you are shipping to the EU, Switzerland, the UK or Norway, with our carrier network we also take local customs into account for your maximum success.

Pick & Pack options.

Your options

One-scan shipping

Ideal for single-object orders, one-scan shipping enables faster shipping with less handling and effort.

Cross-dock shipping

We can pack and forward delivered goods directly, which means that it is no longer necessary to store the items.


Semi-automated packing line

Perfect for more packaging efficiency. We cut your shipping boxes individually for every single order.


Multi-Liner Pick & Pack

The classic pick & pack process is optimally designed for orders with several items that are available in our warehouse.

Digital order processing.

More efficiency with data-supported shipping

Digital commissioning.

Status tracking for your shipments.

With our picking tool, we record picked items digitally so that you can view the status of your orders at any time. Our system automatically creates the picking lists for your orders so that we make optimum use of every picking aisle.

Order tracking.

Your shipments at a glance

You can track your orders at any time with our shipment tracking. We create shipping and tracking labels automatically and adapted to the respective shipping service provider.

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