Customer friendly and efficient returns processing.

We inspect and qualify goods according to your specifications, restock them or return them to you ready for shipment. With our customer-friendly and efficient processes, we ensure rapid customer relief and minimal clarification efforts.

Here's how it works.

Efficient returns management made easy

1. Incoming returns

2. Testing & qualification

3. Refurbishment

4. Refund

5.1 Storage

5.2 Delivery

1. Incoming returns

Your customers can simply send their returns to one of our returns centres using a carrier of their choice. Your company is the recipient address. Whether B2B or B2C, we bundle and process returns from various sales channels at our locations.

2. Testing & qualification

Our professional teams check your returns for completeness and quality. The quality classification and qualification of the items is based on your criteria. If you wish, we can resolve any disputes with you quickly and efficiently using our digital dispute tool.

3. Refurbishment

We are also happy to refurbish your returns on request. Do you want your returns to be washed, ironed, mended or even cleaned with special products and tools? Would you like to have your products re-tagged? No problem. We will make sure that your items are of the best possible quality for resale.

4. Refund

We process your returns data digitally and fully automatically. Depending on the interface, you benefit from daily or real-time data synchronisation. Thanks to the fast data exchange, refunds can also be arranged within 24 hours of receipt of the goods.

5.1 Storage

If you are a fulfilment customer, we will store your items with us again ready for dispatch. Your items are then ready for resale. Products that we can no longer sell can be disposed of, recycled or donated at your request.

5.2 Delivery

If you operate your own warehouse, we palletise your returns and send them back to you at regular intervals. We also take care of all customs formalities.

Advantages with MS Direct.

How you and your customers benefit

Fast set-up & processing operations

  • We support you in setting up efficient returns processes
  • We ensure a smooth connection between your store and our returns tool.
  • We process returns within 24 hours of receipt. This will also quickly relieve your customers.

Customised & scalable processing

  • We check returns according to your criteria, qualify them according to your specifications and make them fit for resale.
  • With our optional refurbishment offer, we refurbish your items according to your wishes so that they are as good as new again.
  • We take care of the disposal and recycling of items that can no longer be sold.

Digital & efficient communication

  • Keep a full overview of your returns at all times with our portal.
  • With our optional clarification tool, we check clarification sludge quickly and easily.
  • Our Customer Success Managers support you in setting up and improving your returns processes.

Over 120 satisfied customers.

Here are just a few

Returns Solutions in Fulfillment.

Restocking in the shortest possible time

Today, returns are an important part of the competitiveness of online stores. As part of our fulfillment services, we also handle your returns processing and ensure that your goods are quickly unloaded and restocked. We support you in setting up the processes and accompany you flexibly on your path to success. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Returns Solutions in Cross-border.

Fast relief thanks to local addresses

Returns are also an important part of international business. With local returns locations, you can offer your foreign customers more convenience when returning their goods. As part of our cross-border offering, we also take care of your returns process on site and send your products back to your central warehouse ready for sale. Of course, we also take care of all customs formalities and refund applications for you.

Best Practice Case

Returns processing for On

The Swiss premium sports brand On has been relying on extensive returns processing and preparation at MS Direct since 2023. The idea: products that are put back on sale should be as good as new.

Why is good returns management important?

A few advantages of our returns solution for you

  • Improve your customer experience with customer-friendly returns processes.
  • Gain new and returning customers.
  • Increase your competitiveness and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Well thought-out returns processes are cost-efficient and can increase your profits.
  • Benefit from returns data and further optimize your product range and your store in a targeted manner.
  • Fulfill strict SLAs of online marketplaces with MS Direct and open up new sales channels.

The easiest way to your returns solution.

Manage returns data, quality assurance and clarification cases simple and digital

Returns module.

Real-time returns data & quality assurance

Real-time data via API

Real-time feedback on processed returns, including Returns status, categorization and reasons for returns.


Standardized processes

Error-free returns handling thanks to step-by-step processing and consistent quality.


Quality assurance through knowledge

Our e-learning program provides our employees with all the knowledge they need for the relevant processes.


Clarification tool.

Clarification cases solved quickly

Process clarification cases quickly

Recording of critical cases that require feedback, real-time overview of open cases and fast, customer-oriented solution finding.


Finding solutions quickly

Quick identification and analysis of clarification cases based on photos and short processing times.


Measures directly on site

Corrective measures can be carried out directly on site after consultation with you.

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