So that returns are processed quickly.

We inspect and qualify goods according to your specifications, restock them or return them to you ready for shipment. With our efficient processes, we ensure customer relief within 24 hours.

Here's how it works.

Tested, qualified and back in circulation

1. Return

2. Check

3. Qualification

4. Customer relief

5.1 Restock

5.2 Shipping

1. Return

Your customers can conveniently send their return to one of our processing locations where you are listed as the addressee. With our local locations, we make it as easy and convenient as possible for your customers to return their items.

2. Check

Our employees take over the inspection of the delivered returns after goods receipt and ensure that they are checked for quality and resalability within 24 hours and recorded in the system. You keep track of everything because we keep you informed about your returns in real time.

3. Qualification

If necessary, we will qualify your returns according to your specifications and criteria or reprocess and repackage them. In the event of damage, we quickly send you a mobile phone photo with MS Clarify. This allows us to react quickly and find a solution together.

4. Customer relief

Thanks to our standardised interface solution to your shop, data is exchanged on a daily basis and your customers can be relieved directly within 24 hours.

5.1 Restock

If you are a fulfilment customer, we will store your items back with us ready for dispatch.

5.2 Shipping

If you run your own fulfilment, we'll send your items back to your warehouse ready for dispatch - no matter where it is in Europe.

Advantages with MS Direct.

How you and your customers benefit

Relieve customers within 24 hours

  • Complete integration of the returns solution thanks to standardized data exchange
  • Up-to-the-minute returns processing
  • Direct customer relief thanks to interface

Goods returned ready for shipment

  • Optionally, we qualify your returns according to your specifications and criteria.
  • We prepare processed returns so that they can be reshipped directly.
  • We will deliver your returns to your warehouse ready for shipment.

Returns portal for efficient processing

  • Fast processing of returns in our returns tool
  • For critical cases, a timely decision is found by means of a simple cell phone photo.

Over 120 satisfied customers.

Here are just a few

Returns Solutions in Fulfillment.

Restocking in the shortest possible time

Our specialized returns teams ensure rapid customer relief and simplification of follow-up processes, for example by classifying returns into A, B and C goods as well as functional tests. After returns processing, your goods are immediately restocked, making them available for resale.

Returns Solutions in Cross-border.

Fast relief thanks to local addresses

Fast processing of returns is just as important as fast shipping. With local returns locations throughout Europe, returns arrive in a short time and are processed within 24 hours. No matter whether with or without preparation, we take care of the entire processing – including customs formalities for the return transport.

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