Scalable and smart storage processes.

Our scalable and smart warehouse system is designed so that the warehouse can grow with you and your shipments are ready for dispatch in the shortest possible time. With our modern tools, we ensure all-round efficient processes and give you an overview of your product range at all times.

This is how it works.

Our efficient storage process

1. Initial inspection

2. Categorisation

3. Acquisition

4. Storage

5. Rolling inventory

1. Initial inspection

After your goods arrive, we identify them and check them for any delivery damage. We only store goods that are in perfect condition. If a delivery is damaged, we will take photos of it and inform you.

2. Categorisation

As standard, we record the delivery dates and the goods category of your deliveries, including a photo for better visual identification. On request, we can also record incomplete or deviating geodata and create missing barcodes. Best-before dates or fragility information are also stored accordingly.

3. Acquisition

As soon as we have booked the quantities of goods in the system, the data is available to you. This gives you an overview of your stock in real time. To ensure that we are optimally prepared for your customer orders, the system also automatically suggests the optimum storage location for each item, taking into account the expected turnover.

4. Storage

We carry out storage in line with requirements, either according to the "First In, First Out" (FIFO) principle or the "First Expired, First Out" (FEFO) principle. If you sell your products as a set, we can pack your items together when they are put into storage so that subsequent order processing can be even more efficient.

5. Rolling inventory

At MS Direct, we carry out a rolling inventory over a period of 18 months. This allows us to quickly identify incorrect storage and ensure that your products are stored correctly.

Advantages with MS Direct.

How you and your customers benefit

Data-supported storage process

  • We take care of delivery deviations and only store items that are in perfect condition.
  • Benefit from complete product data such as size, weight and EAN.
  • Frequently ordered items are stored closer to the packing stations.

Needs-based storage systems

  • FIFO: We store goods in such a way that items delivered first are dispatched first.
  • FEFO: Alternatively, we can also store and ship items according to their best-before date.
  • We store your items in individualized shelf spaces.

Digital tools & quality assurance

  • Benefit from a real-time overview of your assortment stock with our ShipDirect tool.
  • Receive dynamic replenishment suggestions so that you don’t run out of goods.
  • We carry out regular inventories for quality assurance purposes.

Over 120 satisfied customers.

Here are just a few

Professional goods receipt.

Trimmed for efficiency

After the goods arrive, we check them for damage, categorize them incl. photo and store them on the same day. Incomplete or deviating geodata is recorded, as are missing barcodes on the basis of a visual article search. To ensure that we are optimally prepared for your customer order, the system automatically suggests a storage location for each item, taking into account the expected turnover.

Smart storage systems.

Your articles in the right place

Our warehouses are set up so that we can get your shipments ready for dispatch in the shortest possible time. This includes the system-supported replenishment of fast-moving items, the division into storage zones for the optimization of picking routes or warehouse management according to common principles such as goods-in date (FIFO), best-before date (FEFO) or according to promotional goods.

Robots in the warehouse.

Compaction with AutoStore

In summer 2023, we expanded our storage capacity with an AutoStore. This is a fully automated high-bay warehouse in which robots organise around 30,000 containers. Thanks to the stacked structure of the AutoStore, the space required is reduced by up to around 400 per cent compared to a conventional warehouse.

Best Practice Case

Fulfillment for Julie & Grace

German jewelry retailer Julie & Grace has been relying on a local fulfillment solution from MS Direct since 2021. In addition to efficient manufacturing processes, Julie & Grace also benefits from a closed and video-monitored storage area to better protect its products.

Additional services for your warehouse.

Individually customizable

Geodata acquisition

On request, we can record your product geodata such as size and weight for resource-saving use of cardboard packaging.

EAN affixing

On request, we can equip your products with an EAN code label so that they can be quickly and clearly identified in logistics.


MHD storage

For goods with a best-before date (BBD), we can use a special storage system for you on request, which prioritizes shipping according to the BBD.


Fragile articles

Do you have fragile items in your range? With this add-on, we mark your items as fragile and protect them with additional stuffing material during shipping.

The efficient way to your warehouse.

Product data, stock levels and order overviews simply in digital form

Digital data acquisition.

Real-time inventory data of your product range

We use our digital data capture tool to quickly register your items in our system. We identify non-coded items visually via a photo. Scanners can also be used to record missing product geodata such as size and weight. This enables us to pack your orders in an even more resource-efficient way by cutting the cardboard boxes to the exact size.

Warehouse management.

MS Progress – our e-commerce ERP, individually tailored to you

With MS Progress, we offer you a solution tailored to your individual needs. Our solution includes complaints and accounts receivable management, financial accounting, campaign and lead management as well as multichannel processes. We will be happy to advise you and help you get the best out of your store!

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