Innovations for more sustainability in e-commerce

Innovations for more sustainability in e-commerce

Sustainability in e-commerce is more important today than ever before. There is a lot of potential for reducing emissions along the entire value chain. Numerous startups and tech innovators have risen to the challenge and will present solutions and best practices for a more sustainable future in e-commerce at the webinar hosted by fulfillment provider MS Direct AG and its partner Plug and Play.

In recent years, sales in European e-commerce have risen steadily. In parallel to demand, consumer awareness of sustainable online shopping also increased. Climate protection has also become an important requirement in this area today. In order to make online commerce and environmental protection more compatible, partners like MS Direct who offer sustainable solutions are needed, especially in the area of logistics. Along the entire value chain – from department store management, packaging and delivery to returns – there are already numerous opportunities to save greenhouse gases.

Packaging as a focus topic

In logistics, emissions are affected not only by the transport and packaging of goods, but also by returns. Numerous startups have developed solutions in this area. Packaging is a focus topic, as experts estimate that it is responsible for around 30 percent of the total emissions associated with online retailing. Logically, numerous innovative solutions were developed in this area, such as on-demand packaging – which uses cartons tailored to the shopping cart -, the reuse of returned carton packaging, or the complete switch to reusable shipping bags. It is important for online stores to know the exact emissions, and to track them. Numerous solutions from technology companies have recently become established for this purpose.

Webinar: How sustainability works in e-commerce

To increase awareness of sustainability in e-commerce and present solutions, MS Direct AG from Switzerland and its partner Plug and Play are holding a webinar on March 22, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Using best practices from retailers and inspiration from startups and tech innovators, participants will be shown how to make the e-commerce supply chain more sustainable from warehousing to returns. Speakers at the event include trend researcher Jack Stratten (Head of Trends at Insider Trends), Nicholas Hänny (CEO of NIKIN), Vanessa Müller (Managing Director of ClimatePartner), Martina Erhard (Head of Supply Chain management at Everdrop), Dr. Luca Graf (CEO of MS Direct), and various representatives from startups such as Packoorang, Hark, reverse.supply, Sendmepack, Packsize, WAKU Robotics, and ZigZag Global. As moderator, Andreas Löwe (Something with Logistics), among others, will lead through the two-hour webinar.