MS Direct AG helps Ukrainian refugees together with its clients

MS Direct AG helps Ukrainian refugees together with its clients

Bewildered, affected and sad, we all look towards the East. Hundreds of thousands of people are forced to flee the war in Ukraine. Packed only with the bare necessities, they arrive exhausted and traumatized in the border areas. They barely have enough clothes for the cold winter days. Together with some of its clients, fashion e-commerce retailers, MS Direct donates much-needed clothing items.

If clothes are shipped across borders in the e-commerce sector, in some cases it is not worthwhile to ship the items back for economic reasons. Normally, these flawless goods are then sold to dealers who specialize in them in the respective country. In the current emergency, we asked ourselves together with partners: How can we make at least a small contribution to alleviating the need?


“We asked our customers if they would be willing to donate perfectly good returned items for refugees from Ukraine. We as MS Direct take care of all the formalities and the handover to Caritas Switzerland, which distributes the clothing donations to the refugees. The first delivery will already take place this Friday. The positive response from our customers has overwhelmed us and we are very pleased that together we can make at least this small contribution,” explains Eva Tyssen, Head of Business Development at MS Direct.


This direct assistance is made possible by MS Direct AG’s specialization in e-commerce order fulfillment solutions, including a solution for cross-border e-commerce from the EU to Switzerland and the UK, including customs clearance.